New Interview with Author, Sharon Kay Penman

A new interview with historical fiction author, Sharon Kay Penman, can be found here. The interview was performed by Lorraine Hall for the publication, Graceful Grit.

Graceful Grit is a feminine publication centering a focus on women’s experiences, health, and feminine professionalism.

Delicate Strength on Graceful Grit

Amarine Rose Ravenwood is the pen name of Lorraine Hall, for her preteen, teen, and young adult fantasy fiction writing as well as for some of her poetry. This poem was written by the same person, only under her real name. The poem is hosted on a group publication through the University of Colorado Denver called Graceful Grit. If you enjoy feminine poetry, you might enjoy this poem:

“Delicate Strength” poem on Graceful Grit

Lorraine is a member of the group publication and a student at UC Denver, although she is due to graduate this coming December. In addition to this poem, there are articles on Graceful Grit by Lorraine, as well as articles by the other members of the publication group.